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1. What is a lash tint?

An eyelash tint consists of adding a special dye to your eyelashes, giving you weeks of dark, full lashes without the assistance of mascara. You recline in a salon chair and a technician applies the dye to your lashes while you keep your eyes closed for about 10 minutes. It's a quick, relatively painless process.

2. How much is an eyelash tint?

How much does lash tinting cost? Like all beauty treatments, the price depends on where you live and where you go, but expect to spend anywhere between $45 and $75 dollars for your tint.

3. What are the benefits of eyelash tinting?

Eyelash tinting allows people to have the eyelashes they want without having to bother with mascara. Eyebrow tinting gives you bolder, natural looking eyebrows since the actual hair of the eyebrow is tinted to a darker color, eliminating that “drawn on” look

4. How long does eyebrow tinting last for?

The consensus among experts is that eyebrow tinting will last between three to eight weeks. Factors in how long your tinting will last include: the type of dye.

5. What is the difference between brow tinting and Microblading?

During both tinting and microblading, the artist will select and mix dyes/ink pigments in order to best match your hair color or desired hair color (for tinting). Both services add color to your brows – tinting colors the hairs, while microblading adds pigment into your skin via a tattoo method.